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battery protection board 6S 10A For lithium ion batteries PCM-L06S10-E82

basic information
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-  Apply to : 6 cells lithium ion batteries ( Li-ion/LiFePO4 / Li-polymer battery pack)

- The master BMS worked with a transfer board ( to support the communication protocols of CANBus,SMBus,HDQ,I2C,RS232,RS485 )

-  have basice functions  ( includes over charge/over discharge/over current protections, etc);

-  Fuel gauge IC takes the TI BQ series ( to read battery data such as voltage, capacity, curent, temp., cycles, etc.)

-  can be connected with bluetooth, and download the SmarTec App ;

-  Max. cont. working current: 7A,charge & discharge share a same port;

-  BMS dimension:L151.5*W110*T5mm;


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