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3S-25S high current protection board

basic information
Product Number:
PCM-L04S200-J09 Working current 200A, broken line detection, BQ77905+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S100-J24 Working current 100A, disconnection detection
PCM-L04S100-H38 Working current 100A, BQ4050
PCM-L05S100-H66 Operating current 100A, MM3474
PCM-L16S200-H69 working current 200A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S200-H59 working current 200A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S100-G50 Operating current 100A, MM3474
PCM-L04S100-E16 (A-2) Operating current 100A, BQ4050/BQ40Z50, with low temperature heating
PCM-L04S100-F49 (A-3) Operating current 100A, S-8204+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S100-G20 Working current 100A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S160-G61 working current 160A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S150-F59 (A-1) Operating current 150A, S-8204+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S150-G21 working current 150A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L04S200-G25 Working current 250A, BQ4050/BQ40Z50
PCM-L04S260-J03 Working current 260A, BQ4050/BQ40Z50
PCM-L05S100-G23 Working current 130A, charging/discharging temperature protection can be set
PCM-08S150-860 Operating current 150A
PCM-L08S100-H97 working current 150A, MM3474+BQ34Z100+ power display board
PCM-L10S200-C49 working current 150A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L12S100-F74 Working current 100A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-16S100-F83 working current 100A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L16S100-H87 Working current 100A, SH367309+BQ34Z100
PCM-L16S200-F77 operating current 200A, MM3474+BQ34Z100
PCM-L16S200-G01 charge/discharge port, charge 60A, discharge 200A
PCM-L25S100-G36 working current 100A, MM3474
PCM-L25S150-G41 working current 150A, MM3474
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3S-25S 60A battery protection board
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